With the age of fast rising world and globalization, every phenomena is now digitalize and accessible to every corner of globe. In the current scenario, couple of initial coin offerings (ICOs) have been announced in different verticals on an almost daily basis. BCCH enables reaching profitable business with just click of a button across seven continents.

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Mobile cryptocurrency is one easy step closer to the accessibilty of cryptocurrency. We offer android and iOS wallets for easy online transaction.

Disruptive Technology

Bitcoin associated transactions are authenticated cryptographically and cannot be reversed, hence there's no need to restrict access to the network. There's no risk for accepting payments even from unknown source. No permission or trust is required to go into business as a Bitcoin-based merchant.

Enormous Market

The phenomena of Cryptocurrency has taken up the globe like a storm. Across the globe there are people mining for Bitcoins. The easy usability and availability of BCCH stretches to an enormous market of 2.2 billion smartphone users.

Our Experts

BCCH is being introduced by our professionals who are experts in the domain of Developers, Engineers and Cyber Security with a proven track record of success.

Our Features

BCCH is a digitalized or a form of electronic cash that can be easily exchanged in Hotels, Restaurants, e-Commerce, Trading, Wellness Products and subsequently converted into fiat currency.



The BCCH network is secured against malicious attacks and our proffesionals associated with Cyber Security keep in check that it remains safe and secure.


Wallet Encryption

We provide you with encrypted wallet, this phenomena allows you to secure your wallet, so that you can view transactions and your account balance. Hashes are produced and encrypted wallet provides protection from Hackers and Malwares as well as a sanity check before sending payments. One need to input the OTP number before making any payments or transactions.


Instant Transaction

It is a very fast and secured process. One can send and receive payments to across seven continents with-in seconds.


Open Source Software

The software (wallet) is an open source software, hence anyone can view and edit the source code.

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